My ‘Go To’ Authors

We all have our favourite authors, but do you have ‘go to’ authors? These are the authors who are actively publishing. Their books never seem to disappoint you, but rather you enjoy them so much you’re sad when the book ends. These are the authors whose books you pre-order, or run out and purchase as soon as their books are released. I’ve had many ‘go to’ authors over the years.

As a young boy and teen I was fortunate enough to have giants such as Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, and Robert A. Heinlein as my ‘go to’ authors. These great writers were not only actively publishing, but they also had a collectively huge back catalogue of books that I could read while I was waiting for them to hurry up and write new ones. And these weren’t the only ones, but these were my top three. As each of them sadly passed, other authors took their place, so there are always authors I consider my ‘go to’ writers.

So whom do I currently consider my ‘go to’ writers. That’s easy.

Alastair Reynolds at Eastercon in 2010.
(Image Source: wikipedia, Robert Day)

Firstly there is Alastair Reynolds. For those of you who do not know Alastair Reynolds was a scientist at the European Space Agency for many years before becoming a full time author. His first novel Revelation Space (2000) is just that, a revelation. A dark and dangerous thriller, with some great action sequences and big ideas, Revelation Space is space opera in the truest sense of the term and has since become a classic in the field of science fiction.

Not only has Dr. Reynolds published many of my favourite science fiction stories, he’s also written a Doctor Who novel, Harvest of Time, published last June (2013). Thus combining two of the best things in science fiction today.

Currently working on his latest novel that is the last part of a three book sequence, Poseidon’s Children will not be on the shelves long before I snap it up.

The next author I consider one of my ‘go to’ authors is David Weber.

Author David Weber.
(Image source:

I came to David Weber’s books through his wonderful Honor Harrington series. I must be truthful in that I’ve only ever read his Honor Harrington books, but Mr. Weber is rather a prodigious writer and at the moment I don’t have time to read everything he writes. Besides, currently weighing in at 28 novels and related works the Honor Harrington series would be considered full time work by many authors.

Reading On Basilisk Station (1993) for the first time it reminded me of the character Horatio Hornblower created by C. S. Forester. I laughed out loud later on when I found out Honor was modelled on Hornblower.

Since that first book I’ve been eagerly awaiting each new instalment. I will not reveal any of the storyline here, but there are big events that are about to occur in the HH universe and I will be jumping all over the next book to appear.

The last author I currently consider a ‘go to’ author is Ernest Cline.

Author Ernest Cline.
(Image source: © 2011 Larry D. Moore)

Ernest Cline has published one novel to date, Ready Player One (2011). Ready Player One was such an enjoyable romp through my adolescence that I’m eagerly anticipating the release of Mr. Cline’s second novel Armada due out in July of this year (2014). Such was the quality of that first book I am extremely hopeful that his second will repeat in that regard.

If Armada turns out to be as good as Ready Player One, I will be forever waiting for whatever Mr. Cline has next for us. And while we’re waiting, both Ready Player One and Armada (already) have been optioned for films. So at least we will see some sort of rendition of these books on the big screen some time in the next few years.

Having a stable of authors I can count on for quality science fiction means I’m assured that at least every year or so that I will be able to sit down to a book that is going to take me to new and exciting places. And of course I’ll always be on the look out for more authors to add to this stable.

If you’ve got any ‘go to’ authors I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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