Amazing Stories Returns Today

In April 1926 Hugo Gernsback launched the first magazine dedicated to science fiction with Amazing Stories. Today Amazing Stories returns to publication with its 88th Anniversary issue.

Cover of Amazing Stories by Frank Wu. © Frank Wu

Amazing Stories was the pioneer of science fiction short fiction, bringing new authors such as Clifford D. Simak, Jack Williamson, John W. Campbell, Jr., and some guy named Isaac Asimov to the attention of the science fiction reading public, just to name a few.

As Amazing Stories matured and developed, so did the quality of the science fiction it printed. One can use the publication history of Amazing Stories as a lens with which to view the history of the development of science fiction. The influence of Amazing Stories and the authors it has published cannot be understated.

Launching the careers of many talented authors and also spawning a short lived television series Amazing Stories was pretty much in continuous publication for almost eighty years, but it’s last published issue before now was in 2005. Now, after nearly a decade, Amazing Stories has returned and from now until the end of the month this anniversary issue will continue to develop and grow until a complete issue has been published.

I’m excited for the return of Amazing Stories, as it shows that the strength of the science fiction market is returning, and it will offer yet another avenue for more great short science fiction. I look forward to the next amazing 88 years.


Today is the birthday of one of my favourite authors, Samuel R. Delany is 72 today. Happy Birthday Chip!

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