BattleTech is Returning to Your Computer!

Battlemechs are giant armoured robots that require great skill and luck to pilot. These pilots are called Mechwarriors. Mechwarriors live and die by their wits and their lasers and a bad day for a Mechwarrior will usually mean he or she is dead.

Are you ready Mechwarrior?

I’ve been a fan of the BattleTech game and universe ever since it was first created by Jordan Weisman and  L. Ross Babcock III for FASA Corporation in 1984. As the years have passed the original wargame has evolved, taking on greater depth and has been enhanced by a multitude of fiction and background books.

The Classic Battletech logo. © Catalyst Game Labs.

When computers came into our homes it was only a matter of time before BattleTech appeared there as well. I have played just about every BattleTech computer game produced and still have most of the disks.

In 2009 it was announced that a new multiplayer online game was to be developed by Piranha Games, Mechwarrior Online. I am a Legendary Founder of that game and played the beta game heavily. It is an addictive game to say the least and in the years since it was fully released the game has continued to develop. I love Mechwarrior Online for what it is. An amazing simulation of what it’s like to pilot a ‘mech. However if you want to command a lance, company, or regiment it’s not possible with this game.

Now a Kickstarter campaign has begun to bring the classic BattleTech turn based game back to our computers. It’s to be developed by Harebrained Schemes and has BattleTech’s creator, Jordan Weisman, leading the the development. The good news is the initial stage was funded within 24 hours. However I, and many others I’m sure, want to see the full PVP version at the $2.5 million goal. Fingers crossed they will reach it.

Banner art for BattleTech computer game. © Harebrained Schemes LLC.

For me, and other fans of BattleTech, it is extremely exciting news that BattleTech is returning to computer. The BattleTech board game has always been the core of BattleTech fandom and the game can be rather complex with many options and rules that can be used. To truly master BattleTech a fair degree of commitment is required by the players. This commitment has never been lacking when you take a look at the BattleTech forums.

Now with a computer driven version of the game much of the accounting behind the rules can be dealt with automatically. Add to that that the game will be delivered in a 3D environment that will bring the gorgeous ‘mechs to life, many people who have never played BattleTech will undoubtedly be attracted to the game.

A computer version of BattleTech will never supersede my love of the original with its myriad of rule books, source books, and accessories (minis!), however as an addition to the original it could become indispensable. I will be counting the moments until I can get into the beta of BattleTech.

Can’t wait for the computer game? Head on over to the Classic BattleTech downloads section and get a copy of the free starter rules here.

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