Red Dwarf XII – M-Corp Has That Old Magic

The latest episode of Red Dwarf XII to air on Dave was M-Corp and it was a cracker.

It’s Lister’s 50th birthday and Kryten offers him his usual fried brekkie. However, not being in his twenties he has chest pains that turn out to be minor heart attack! Fortunately Red Dwarf has technology to monitor Lister and help him return to peak health. However, being Red Dwarf the tech is more than 3,000,000 years old and ultimately it self-destructs.

Happy Birthday Lister, you goit. (c) 2017 GrantNaylor Productions
Happy Birthday Lister, you goit. (c) 2017 GrantNaylor Productions

Upon closer inspection, Kryten discovers that none of the updates needed have been applied. Cat had unplugged the cable the updates arrive on for other essential needs. His curling iron.

Once the cable is restored and the updates applied it turns out that JMC had been bought by M-Corp. Part of the update includes a lot of really great items that can significantly improve the lives of the Red Dwarf crew. It’s human crew. Part of the update also includes the altering of perceptions so that only M-Corp products are seen.

The only way to get rid of M-Corp is to reset Red Dwarf’s computer to an earlier version (sound familiar). It turns out the only way to help Lister is to do the same to him with one of his personality discs. The last one, however, was done some time ago.

Back right where they started. (c) 2017 GrantNaylor Productions
Back right where they started. (c) 2017 GrantNaylor Productions

M-Corp, while being a commentary on the trend towards consumer micro-transactions, is also straight up funny. Doug Naylor has tapped into the old Red Dwarf style and magic of writing a comedy first and foremost. Naylor is a funny writer and the cast are excellent comedic actors. Their experience shines in M-Corp.

M-Corp has done a wonderful job with this episode and does something that is rarely done well. It looks back at it’s origins with an irreverent heart and actually manages to make it more than just a nod and a wink, but relevant to the plot. The ending of M-Corp, while perfectly done, should have been the last scene of this series, I think. It would have made perfect book ends to the entire run of Red Dwarf.

Red Dwarf XIII in (very) early development

While nothing has been confirmed or denied, Doug Naylor has been working on the early development of series 13.

Red Dwarf season 13 release date: Will there be another series? Is there a Red Dwarf XIII?

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