Rebellion Is Giving Away Judge Dredd: Case Files vol. 05

Earthlets! Your benevolent editor, Tharg the Mighty, has decreed in this time of self-isolation that the publishers of 2000AD, Rebellion, give away digital copies of Judge Dredd: Case Files 05. The Law at War! That’s over four hundred pages of Judge Dredd action, Earthlets!

Those of you familiar with our favourite keeper of Mega-City One’s law will be able to return to some old favourite stories including Block Mania where citizen battles citizen and the all-time favourite Dredd story The Apocalypse War. For those of you unfamiliar with Judge Dredd, now is the time to enter the fold. The writing of Alan Grant (yes that Alan Grant) and John Wagner are complimented by a host of artists lead by the legendary Carlos Ezquerra. This is an offer too good to be true.

Why are to still reading this! Go now and download1 your copy of Judge Dredd: Case Files 05 The Law At War!


  1. Registration for a free account is required to download the book.

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