Free Content Compiled by the BSFA

The British Science Fiction Association is compiling a list of works donated by authors and orginisations for you to enjoy during this difficult time of isolation. The list includes stories, interviews and a digital archive of the BSFA publication Vector.

Authors such as Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gareth L. Powell and many other have generously given free access to their work. The BSFA will create a permanent page for these donations in the coming days, but for now they can be accessed through this page.

Here is the initial list of donated works:

  • Vector from the BSFA
  • BSFA Review
  • BSFA audio interviews from Chad Dixon
  • Short Changes by Adrian Tchaikovsky and Keris Mcdonald
  • Household Gods and Other Narrative Offences by Tade Thompson
  • Downdraught by Gareth L. Powell
  • The Tea and Jeopardy Archive by Emma Newman
  • Now Wash Your Hands by Dave Hutchinson
  • Nothing to Me by Danie Ware
  • The Sliding Void Series by Stephen Hunt
  • As I Breathe by Alexandra Wolfe
  • Possible Worlds by Rachel Handley
  • The Sword of Wisimir by Allen Stroud
  • The Relic Guild and Other Stories by Edward Cox
  • A Very British History by Paul Mcauley (free from 23rd March for 5 days)
  • 2020 Collection Gift of Joy by Ian Whates
  • Sheep’s Clothing by Jan Siegel
  • A list of free reading from Leanne Renee Hieber’s website

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