Denis Villenueve’s ‘Dune’ Trailer Drops

After months of speculation and waiting it’s finally here. The first official trailer for Denis Villenueve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune can be viewed.

6 thoughts on “Denis Villenueve’s ‘Dune’ Trailer Drops

  1. It’s probably due to a couple of factors. One, the trailer is a little disjointed, but that’s typical of trailers. The other may be due to old gaffers like myself having a soft spot for Lynch’s ‘Dune’. A bewildering mix of stunning visuals and perplexing story choices.


    1. It could also be something to do with the somewhat bewildering choice of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ as music in the background. I do hope that’s just a filler in the trailer, and that they choose to go with some new music in the final cut. Much as I like Pink Floyd, I simply don’t think it fits.

      PS I’m an old gaffer too… I didn’t rate Lynch’s effort. Although the SciFi Channel’s miniseries had its (many) flaws, I think that version is a far superior rendition of the story. But above all: I do wish that the movie industry would quit making blasted remakes! There’s a wealth of material that’s never been touched. When will someone make a film out of Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, for instance? That’s a story whose time has come.


  2. I’ve heard from several people that they think ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is a great choice. I don’t.

    You’re correct about the remakes though. ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’ would be great to see adapted. My personal dream film at the moment would be Niven’s ‘Ringworld’. It’s scale is utterly unfilmable though.


  3. Isn’t Dune supposed to be one of those stories that are “unfilmable”? I have a soft spot for David Lynch’s Dune, but Villenueve’s visual style makes this the only movie I want to see this year. I’m led to believe that this will be split into two movies. Not sure how I feel about a 2 year wait to see the conclusion.


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