‘Hot Fuzz’ Director Edgar Wright to Helm ‘The Running Man’ Adaptation

Early in his career, Stephen King wrote so prolifically that he had to publish four novels under the pseudoname Richard Bachman. This included the 1982 novel The Running Man. In 1987 the novel was adapted into the remarkably prescient Arnold Schwartzenegger action film by the same name. Suffice to say that the film, while entertaining, bore little resemblance to the book.

It has come to light that Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz director, Edgar Wright, will with collaborator Michael Bacall to adapt King’s The Running Man in film closer to the source material. The Running Man was an interesting novel that started out very strongly but meandred to the finish with a rather weak finish. Regardless of this the novel offers some interesting ideas that could be explored in a more accurate adaptation.

It will undoubtly be some years before this project comes to fruition but it should be one to keep an eye out for. I will be.

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